Thanksgiving – Building My House

Thanksgiving – Building My House Lyrics, Letras:

With naive eyes open wide, I look up at the sky with you
But held inside the vastness, I soon feel alone and empty too
A skeleton, walking through sand, my bones are smooth like ocean rocks
I’ve been in this business so long, on the eight track, I hang my mask
I’ve been in this desert so long. Is there a shape me (?) that sagebrush?
I’ve been in this world so long, I smell the times I climbed the trees
I want to count my memories, and never forget anything
Is there a home coming for me? The one where I dreamed of staying?
No, but
Yawning is what my home is made of
And a dream is what my home will become
Building my house with a mouse
In a fluttering treetop


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