The Alchemist – Wildstyle

Wildstyle Lyrics
The Alchemist – Wildstyle Lyrics

The gang the gang, the gang the gang

Verse: ZelooperZ
Man down, the whole mandate, no time to pick and choose
I’d die for each and all these dates, ain’t got shit to lose
Grill getting cleaned off today, scraping off jiggaboos
Niggas can’t hold my weight unless they on the moon
They can’t copy what’s sloppy
Can’t keep passing out cheat sheets
Bitch wanna fuck then likewise
Lately it’s been hard to reach me
No signal, no timeslot
Making these nails snail meat
Escargot and cauliflower, dance on the work like Beat Street
Twisted so high like barbed wire
What you know about that wild style?
Pet patrol like
Fill ‘em up with some gun powder
Left over, get reheat
Nigga act like Miss Doubtfire
Don’t doubt me I am the street
Sell a ho nigga some talcum powder
All the drip, you seen this
Came a long way from the pink sheet
Evicted ‘bout fifty times, ain’t have time to be lenient
Keep shit balanced, alkaline
They see I’m souless
? me to the Wi-Fi
Brain cells in my imagery

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