The High Fives – Celtics Pride

Letra “The High Fives – Celtics Pride” Official Lyrics

They’re the toast of Massachusetts
There’s no way that they can lose it
Boston Celtics playoff basketball

A pick and roll with M.L. Carr
Lights up Red Auerbach’s cigar
So does Tiny’s penetration
Larry Bird’s improvisation
The Celtics pass behind their backs well
Feed that ball down low to Maxwell
Or the Big Chief, Mr. Double-O


That Celtic pride is bonafide
They’re like a dream, that team in green

On the bench Bill Fitch presides
Ford and Robey by his side
When he sends in Gerry and Kevin
Lordy be, that’s seventh heaven
Ainge and Bradley, speed and muscle
Eric Fernsten, Mr. Hustle
Boston, baby what a team

That Celtic pride is bonafide
They’re like a dream, come and see that team in green

Head on down to Causeway Street
To watch the NBA elite
Or turn on Most or Gil and Cousy
There’s no reason to be choosey
Keep your distance Dr. J
Abdul-Jabbar, you’d better stay away
‘Cause Boston, is feeling mean
They’re gonna send ya home cryin’!
Boston Celtics, they’re our team

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