the hold. – Holdawn

the hold. – Holdawn Lyrics Letra:
Everything put on hold, except for us
See we don’t move on the same time
We been in a hole tryna learn everything there is to know

Mastering the craft, slow grindin, takin our time
Setting it up to where we can do this when we old & slow as hell

These nights blend in with one another
The train I’m on shoots back to the southside
like a bullet in the middle of the highway
Carry me home
These nights blend in wit one another

I’ve been on this journey so long I have no other choice but to trust time & keep going

I’ve inspired some to join me on this journey
knowing this isn’t a team sport
Knowing this pain isn’t shared
Knowing this is just something we got in common

Everything on hold, they control everything except for us
Two days on mega bus
We take short trips because of the money shit
Standup guys wit jobs and none of that funny shit

Get the check and pay the rent or buy food with some of the shit
And then we go buy equipment to feed the vision
We slave and plan and plot and scheme and rock. the way we rock, so we can keep making this shit


You can hold me down
I’m comin back, but
I gotta go now
Hold me down

Hold me down
Hold me down
Hold me


Hold me down
Hold me down, hold me down, hold me down, hold me down
Hold me

See I’m a man in the desert wit a lot and a little
I stand in the middle of a vast land
I’ve come so far yet ive got so much further to go
Where I’m from a fast man might get to that bread quicker
But we more concerned wit being thorough

So time moves slow for us when we get tested
Cook it slow
I’m shedding skin
A snake in the desert
Far from kin
I send you my message and tell you keep going

I miss you, I’m turning into a statue
I’m holding a pencil, painting my visual
Hunched over a table as the sunlight shines through the window above me
My hair gettin longer it’s finally lockin

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