The Immaculate Crows – Broken Heart

Letra “The Immaculate Crows – Broken Heart” Official Lyrics

Got a broken heart
That will never mend
Like a damaged bird
That won’t fly again

Don’t pity me
I’m lost again
Can’t find my way
Past you again

Got memories
That won’t go away
Sadness and heartbreak
Set in my ways

Don’t look for me
I’m lost again
On a sea of darkness
Torment and pain

Never belonged
To anyone but you
But I was wrong
Because you left me too

Now my heart is broken
Don’t know what to do
Guess I’ll have to look
For another you

Black nights and lonely skies
Are the colours in my eyes
Don’t worry about me
I’ll be doing fine

As I drift away
Down a lonesome road
Far far away
Nothing left to say

I’ll be fine
It’ll be sweet
And my broken heart
Won’t admit defeat

And I’ll find someone new
Far better than you
When you want me back
Well I’ll refuse

But my broken heart
Won’t let me forget
My broken heart
Hasn’t mended yet

No my broken heart
Just won’t let me forget
My broken heart
Hasn’t mended yet

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