The Knutz – The Cave

The Cave – The Knutz – Letra Lyrics

Here below I can hear the sounds
The voice of my memory echoing around
Spinning through the pillars
Reflecting on the rocks
Coming back to me
Like simple thoughts

I am sitting in the dark
Staring at nothing
Caged by the shadows I become rotten
My emotions go to another stage
Escape from this cave

The cave frozen my heart
It locks me inside
I am losing my mind
And all the control

The delayed tears falling from my eyes
The repeated sound splitters on the ground
The noise of the beats reverbs so far
My heart is so cold it’s putting me down

The cave frozen my heart
I am getting so old
I am sick and tired
I can’t run from the dark

Letras “The Knutz – The Cave” Official Lyrics

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