The Wildhearts – Fine Art of Deception

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Fine Art of Deception Lyrics

If I’m pacing up and down your hall
And If I’m casting shadows on your wall
Don’t let my proximity mean what it may imply
I’m just working on a way to say goodbye

If I step in circles round the floor
It’s just my way of trying to find the door
If my poor commitment hints I’m living in a lie
I’m just trying to find a way to say goodbye
I’m keeping a secret alive
It’s the fine art of living a lie

Bullshit – when I say “there’s nothing else on my mind”
Bullshit – when I say “I’m not the fraudulent kind”
Bullshit – when I say “you can rely on me”
Bullshit – when I say “there’s nowhere I’d rather be”
Bullshit – when it looks like all the movies are true
Bullshit – when the cheesy songs are speaking to you
Bullshit – when you tell yourself that this is the one
Bullshit – when you tel1 your frtends that you’re moving on
Bullshit – when you think that the fear and the doubt is done
You’ve begun now to figure everything out
This is mankind, we invented the lies

I’m just keeping a secret alive
It’s the fine art of living a lie

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