Letra “TheHxliday – #FREEHXLIDAY” Official Lyrics

Lyrics from Snippet

I feel like he up, uh, yeah
I feel like he up, uh, yeah

I’m gettin’ tired of the industry, yeah
I swear to god, they enemy’s (I swear to god), yeah
Devil just told me she into me, yeah
Ain’t no one in this world no friend to me, yeah
Countin’ racks, big stacks, stack ‘em to the ceiling

I said what I said, ‘cause that’s the way I’m feeling
Give a fuck about the mils lil bitch, you see I want the billions
You see I worry about these underground lil N‘s, they my children

I fired my manager, fuck ‘em
I know that these n
‘s can’t handle it, fuck ‘em

fuck it


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