Thiccler & Poupm'goo – AH!

Letra “Thiccler & Poupm'goo – AH!” Official Lyrics


Walk in the door
Throw my keys down
And I sit on the couch
Shoes come off

Feet smell bad
Dad named Brad
He is bald
Very cool

Swimming pool
Hit the juul
Need some fuel
Go to fridge

Open it
Ain’t got any food gotta go out
To the store

Get some more
Food ‘cause I ran out of my food

Shoutout Poupm’goo


I got a wet pussy yuh
I got a wet pussy yuh
I got a wet pussy yuh
I said I got a wet pussy yuh

Every time I walk down the street
Everyone smells my balls
Every time I take off my pants
Everyone smells my cock

I smoke a lot of meth
I eat Chinese food
I smoke a whole lot of meth
I like Chinese food
I like Chinese food

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