Thiccler & Poupm'goo – AHA!

Letra “Thiccler & Poupm'goo – AHA!” Official Lyrics


Gas in my ass
Make that bitch dance
This ain’t Sea of Thieves bitch, yeah, where your friends?

I am a scallywag
And I get the bag
I got cannonballs
In my underpants

Yeah we sail the seven seas bitch in my ship
And you know the fucking poop deck smells like shit
I eat fish
I eat frog
Shut your face
Come back when you’re buying grog


Aha aye
I’m a pirate aye
Sinking ships aye
Eatin chips aye

We pull up
Cannons ready
Cutlass out yuh
Drinking grog aye

We are pirates we live that pirate life
With our wives
They are sexy

We have sex with them every day
On our ship
We have sex with women

Yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh

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