Thiccler & Poupm'goo – I Want My Mommy!

Letra “Thiccler & Poupm'goo – I Want My Mommy!” Official Lyrics


I don’t fuck with you, ‘cause you smell like poo
Just watched a kid die, ‘cause he fuckin’ turned blue
If you watch SuperMega, imma punch you in the dick
If you play Sonic SEGA, you know we boutta hit a lick

Was swimmin’ in the water and I saw a sea monster
Sea monster said “grrr,” so I put it in reverse
Took my boys to China and we got so much vagina
Took my boys to Carolina, got molested by old timers


Markiplier, Markiplier up on the wall
Who’s the most epic gamer of all?

I know it’s me, I game all day
And I like women
I am not gay

I like women
As I said before
Got all these racks in accounts offshore

Again I fuck women, pussy in bulk
I’m so strong people call me The Hulk

Smoking loud until my lungs fall out
And no I don’t fuck with sauerkraut

I got a bag of m&m’s and a massive weiner
And I just got arrested, got a misdemeanor
I scratch my balls and I have a tumor
Rappin for y’all, despite the rumors

Women I fuck
Every day
And please don’t forget, I am not gay

Glenn Quagmire

Ay yuh, me and Thiccler got them big ass dicks, yuh
We takin’ on the town and we bringin’ on the pound, ay yuh

Ay yuh, we fuckin’ on these girls, yuh
Ay, gonna suck my peter and deez nuts
Deez nuts

Ay yuh, suckin’ on my peter and on deez nuts, yeah
Suckin’ on my cock
Suckin’ Thiccler’s cock
Suckin’ deez nuts

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