thoughtcrimes (metal) – Misery’s a Muse

​Misery’s a Muse Lyrics
thoughtcrimes (metal) – Misery’s a Muse Lyrics
A gentle touch from a cruel hand
There is no love where the careless confide
This rusty heart beats
Keep your faith in the cutlery
Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut!
A swindler and a charlatan have an honest exchange
Speak no evil my friend
The masochist retreat to the runway as the serpent coiled tight
Whip the work horse off its broken leg
Ride the bludgeoned mare
Pour scotch in the drinking well
We just need a little rock n roll
Consume, repeat
The end is nigh and won’t be televised
Light a torch for the witch hunt
Paint the town red
Dismantle anything you create and become a god
Run with scissors
Hold your tongue
When my fingers hit your throat
Know that your cold and beautiful
Did it hurt to have your head overturned?
Your body pressed to the floor
Dream on
No comfort in a collective
Dream on, dreamer
It’s all by design, a sadistic plot against you
You have to keep your crying at an indoor voice
When misery’s a muse
I bet you will

​thoughtcrimes (metal)

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