Letra “TiDUS – ANOTHER STATE” Official Lyrics



Soon as I wake gotta meditate
Opens me up to the better way
I’m on a plane no it’s not a game
I took my aim to another place
I took my mind to another state
Promised to to breakthrough whatever gates
All on my own yo I swear to god
I felt this way since a little guy
I do not know I don’t know why
Was never a joke but not a prob’
That’s on my soul that’s on my mom
That’s on my Gma , that’s on my Dad
That’s on duty I know I have
I’ll hold it down like the G I am
I am the one yeah I see I am
You are the one when you see you are
Been through so much swear I seen it all
That’s word to Danny, and T and Dom
That’s word to Hak, Henry, Rashaun
Abie and Jas you know me from
Times whеn I wasn’t having none
Ain’t have a penny, ain’t havе a one
Just had a vision, just had a hunch
You never judged me ain’t never once
Talking to you y’all it showed me fate
I’m on the road without a brake
Give you my heart without a ache
Speak through my soul without a sake
Letting my energy navigate
Made it this far that’s an accolade
Promise to give it all I can take
Promise to give it all I can take


Look at my plate
I see a whole lot at stake
I cannot make no mistakes
Trusting and riding with faith
Setting my brothers in place
Want them to have an escape
America’s weaved like a maze
Really we got just in case
I want my family safe
Remember my grandma she say
Putting her hands up and pray
You know I pray for you
Leave it on the lord I said
Gonna get it all yours I said
Gonna get it all yours I said
You know I pray for you
Leave it on the lord I said
Gonna get it all yours I said
Gonna get it all yours
Let out emotion I set aside
It was weighing me down and I want to rise
See I want to ascend I can’t let it slide
Gotta use all my eyes and all 3 apply
Coming with the same energy every time
Gotta break through the walls to see better sides
I be telling us all cause I feel obliged
I be feeling the call I could feel the vibe
Tapped into the source I’m hypnotized
Let the flow take its course my inner drive
Anything in the way it is minimized
I just follow that way like I been advised
I just trust in the way like the way to great
I align with the way let it takes its shape
It’s a beautiful thing I won’t let it break
So as soon as I wake gotta meditate

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