Tim McGraw – Not From California

Not From California – Tim McGraw Lyrics Letra:
I’m more mountains and rivers
Than oceans and waves
I’m more moonshine and whiskey, than vineyards and grapes
I’m more back roads and dives than Hollywood signs
I’m more sit by the juke box than lines out the door
No, I’m not from California
I’m from somewhere you ain’t anymore

I’m more stars in the sky
Than stars on the sidewalk
I’m more old wooden pew than bench on the boardwalk
I’m more kiss you and mean it, than love you and leave it
I’m more roots in the ground than footprints on the shore
No, I’m not from California
I’m from somewhere you ain’t anymore

You’re out there dreamin’
While I’m back here drinkin’ over us
No, I’m not from California
But tonight I wish I was

I’m more act tough and fake it
Than find a flight and take it
But I’m too late to say I’m sorry for all I’m sorry for
I’m not from California, but you can’t say I didn’t warn you
That I’m the guy who’s gonna die right where he was born
No, I’m not from California
I’m from somewhere you ain’t anymore

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