Timo & Only The Family – Rules

Rules Lyrics

Go (Yeah), go on, you know (Yes, sir)
It’s rules to these trenches (Yeah), go, uh-huh (Yes, sir)
Go, uh-huh (Yeah), go, uh-huh (Yes, sir)
Go, ayy

Rule number one, got a strap then don’t up it
If you ain’t getting ready to crack
Rule number two, you bump heads with your dawg
Should no outsider know about that
Rule number three, huh, let’s see, you on the block, boy
You better be playing some D
Know some young niggas sliding with switches
And .50’s and this ain’t no .9, this a Glock .23
Rule number four, look out the window
Right before every time you leave outta the door
You bеtter know every car on your block
Don’t bе stupid, these bitches be sending out loads
Rule number five, pay attention to everything
Your homie say when that nigga be mad
Pay attention to all the sneak dissing
And watch for them niggas that hate on you but shake your hand
Rule number six, don’t ever snitch
Remember you signed yourself up for this shit
When the people came in and start asking you shit
All that mean is that them people don’t really know shit
Rule number seven, stay on the streets
Don’t you ever let no nigga sell you a dream
Know some niggas lost trial on a murder
They tryna get by, I’m just praying, they wish they was free
Rule number eight, if you’re eating be humble
And always make sure that your dawgs get a plate
What if you fall? You should be able to call on your dawg
Keep your circle small
Rule number nine, better stay with your blick
And you gotta come correct, we not shooting out no whips
Too many innocent people get hit
If you can’t get up on him, you gotta let him live
Rule number ten, if your homie a rapper
And he be rap-capping then tell him that shit
Number eleven, cut niggas off if they show any trace
Any sign that they jealous
Them be the niggas backdoor you
‘Cause they wanna be where you at, for that do whatever
Rule number twelve, we ain’t gonna talk about that
Niggas really be working with twelve
Number thirteen, whatever we do on a mission
We not talking ‘bout anything
Number fourteen, keep some bond money put up
Never know you might need anything
Number fifteen, take care of your homies in jail
Don’t give up, keep following your dreams
Take care of your homies in jail
Don’t give up, keep following your dreams, gone

Timo, Only The Family

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