Tory Lanez – Don’t Walk Away

Don’t Walk Away Lyrics

Don’t walk away
Don’t walk away, away
Don’t walk away
Don’t walk, baby, don’t walk away
Don’t walk away
Don’t walk away again
Don’t walk away
Don’t walk
Baby, don’t walk away

Verse 1
Said you can go fuck somebody, I did not say to cuff somebody
Still you went and you found somebody
Bitch, I thought there was nobody
I’m on my lonely
I’m on some fuck everybody
I’m on some just let it cool
Put you on this pedestal
Like, “Look what I did, look what I did, look what I did”
I made you a star, gave you your start, look what I did
Made you who you are, that’s why you rock your style like this
And all of your friends will still tell you that I’m him
I’m him, this nigga that you be looking for
The nigga that you wanna be cooking for, I’m him
This nigga that you be textin’ with
The one that you wanna be sexin’ with, I’m him (Don’t walk away)
Yes, I’m him, yes, I’m him (Don’t walk away)
Even though I talk crazy, get under your skin, I’m him (Don’t walk away)
Sent you to the streets, I want you back (Don’t walk)
‘Cause all of these niggas that play with thе ball and rap gon’ treat you like crap (Baby, don’t walk away)
And this is not the placе for that, and this is not something you’re built for (Don’t walk away)
You are not built for that (Don’t walk away)
No, you are not built for that (Away)
Imagine seeing me out and (Don’t walk away)
Having to act like
Like we don’t even see each other, like we don’t even need each other (Don’t walk)
When you know I’m needing you back (Baby, don’t walk away)
It’s tearing my soul to pieces
I sent you out to the streets and
And now I made my bed, gotta sleep in it
And now I need you back in my home and
Now I need you back in my sheets and
Now I need you back in my arms and
All of these R&B songs are startin’ to make sense to me
Like lonely, I’m Mr. Lonely
‘Cause I have nobody to call my own
Heard that song on the radio, it made me sick
Then I realized that it’s half legit
‘Cause then I realized that it was accurate
‘Cause I’m so fuckin’ lonely
I’m so fuckin’ lonely
The woman I left you for, tried to test you for it
Is somewhere out with some nigga from Atlanta and she’s probably out there fucking on me
Nah, fuck it, I’ll be real, that bitch is fucking on me
And I feel so stupid for leaving you
‘Cause every time I told you lies
You looked inside my face with these eyes
And you told me, “I believe in you”
Knowing damn well I didn’t want you to

Shawty, I think that, that’s where you twist it
Feel like you have this thing in your heart where you think I’m just cold
I feel like I just never got you the chance to show you my heart
Nigga, this shit yearns for you

Verse 2
Look, I know it’s scary to love me
Clearly, I’m aware of all the rumors you hear when they judge me
I call ‘em blessings, testimonies, some call ‘em unlucky
I’m standing with my peers, sipping liquor
And I can tell that none of these people love me
It’s crazy, who’s there when I’m facing twenty-tweo years and I need someone to hug me?
It’s nobody but the ones that love me
And you love me, but do you?
‘Cause I’m seeing angers and emotions that’s running all through you
I know you feel it too, but fuck, that’s the air of the moment
You feel it clearly, don’t it?
You talking louder when you quiet, but I’m the only one that hear it, don’t it?
Know when you feel things, I know your real pain
I know the real you
I hope you found somebody new that does you better than me
Really I’m lying, but I just say that ‘cause it sound like it’s the mature thing to say
The last time we spoke, I felt like I had more things to say but I just didn’t
So I just let you talk until you finished
It’s things like that to this day that piss me off
Moments I wasted
You gave me warm love when I was too cold to embrace it
I guess at times, I felt like I would have to face it
That one day you’d find somebody better than me at these mazes, look
The way it ended’s not how it started
I felt like every left out creature when Noah’s Ark had departed
Finding somebody knew, I contemplated, plus I thought it
I know you thought it too
That almost led me into cheating, but the times I tried to cheat I’m blocked with thoughts of you
Caught up in my past ways, conflicted with our last days
Couple things you said to me never left from my brain
I just hope you still mean ‘em, ‘cause I’ll never get between ‘em
Look, higher hopes and heavy hearts
Funny how we came from fresh starts
To now us arguing ‘bout who what and who gets parts
And who’s really leaving
You say you hate me and you don’t love me
But, shit, you don’t even believe it when you talk like that
Quit acting like I’m not your only friend
And like I’m not the one with good intentions that I intend
I fucked your heart up, but I tried to make amends
For the times that I offend, I apologize dearly

Oh, baby, don’t, don’t be afraid
You can trust me
Tell her you get off
Cut him off
Can you trust me, just trust me, just trust me?
Can you trust me, just trust me, just trust me?

Tory Lanez

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