Traitors – Menace II Society

Menace II Society Lyrics
Traitors – Menace II Society Lyrics

Fuck the world
They need me to survive
Without people like me you will never strive
Respect is not fucking earned
It’s taken from people, and none of you can fucking hide

They wanna see me in chains
Head in my hands and I’m full of my shame
I’m unrestrained
Still fucking deranged
Losing control I’m enraged

Still I’m asking
Do you all try to just test me
You need a reason to fucking forget me

Pity the weak
What did I expect
From people who need to leech off my success

I am so sick of thе shit
I keep hearing the same fucking namеs
Still on my mountain with all of you to fucking blame

Broken out of my cage
Still pissed off and fucked up
I’m blind with a frantic rage

There is no end to my insanity
No solutions to my delusions
Until I’m broken
I am a menace to society

Egocentric you’re taking all the credit
You better step the fuck back, don’t talk back
Or regret it

The world has heroes, and false gods
It turns out, everyone’s a fucking fraud
All of you are fucking worthless frauds
You’re all just worthless

Make you sink
In my own pool of misery
Drown in my hate
Cause all of you have forsaken me

I’m lashing out, at everyone and everything
I’ll put you out of your fucking misery


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