TrapboyDre10k – Mama Told Me

Letra “TrapboyDre10k – Mama Told Me” Official Lyrics


Na, forreal
Na, forreal nigga
GGO, 10K the tape nigga
Finna take over the mafuckin’ world this hoe
Na, forreal, on God nigga
Free the hood nigga
Free them mafuckin’ trenches too, on God
Ayy, lets go

Verse: GGO Kurt

My yungins, yea they dangerous
Can’t hang with us, don’t bang enough
Lil’ bro, he don’t smoke weed, but he smell shit just like angel dust
Can’t speak on shit I did, the
might tryna’ come and hang me up
Anytime anything happen’ around that, they come and blamin’ us
he gonna shoot shit, like he first picked for the draft
I been layin’ long music, droppin’ slowly, tryna’ catch another hat
I been layin’ long GPS, while ridin’ with a bat
If a nigga disrespect thе team, I’m droppin’ off them rest
I still got murdеr on my mind and I ain’t layin’ ‘bout it
They tellin’ me to chill, but I won’t stop, till I’m

My opps ain’t never been a problem, I got nine and nine of ‘em
Been deep off in the streets since a kid, I just then got tired of ‘em
Mama said she proud of ‘em and she know I ain’t goin’

She told me keep the Glock on me, she know there ain’t no hoe in this
Get rich and buy some property, give a fuck about us blowin’ up
Tell you I got shot, but won’t say, I shoot a hundred guns, gang
Na, forreal
Na, forreal nigga
Free the hood nigga
Long live KK nigga, long live
Ayy, ayy

Verse: Trapboydre10K

Free the gang, that shit been fuckin’ with me
I’m the hottest in my city
Doin’ all that dissin’ said you killin’ nigga, come and get me
Put that on my momma, I shot many men just like I’m 50
You could tryna’ run, but you can’t hide you better keep a glizzy
Pussy nigga you gon’ die, don’t try me I’m not the one
Can’t make this up, I really rap about this shit, I’ve seen it done
I keep a gun, mama know she bread a thug, killer son
Really caught a head, if it come back, then I will never run
Put my trust up in this choppa, momma told me “Watch yo patna”
Niggas snakes and watch you’re bitch, cause they gon’ tryna’ take you out
See I’ve been gettin’ my dick suck, while countin’ racks up on the couch
And if you ridin’ too long, then come out we flockin’ at the house
And if you ridin’ too long, then come out we flockin’ at the house
I don’t even know this lil’ bitch name, she fuck me cause my clout
Rememorise about that day, I up my chopp and hit the crowd
You better watch out for that hot shit, me and Kurt gon’ comin’ out


Na, forreal nigga
You better watch out nigga
This that 10K, GGO take over, bitch ass nigga
You know, we spinnin’ on all that shit
That shit ain’t gon’ change nigga

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