TripGuerrilla – Green Tea

Letra “TripGuerrilla – Green Tea” Official Lyrics

Verse 1

Flexing your muscles
Do that shit away from me
Like an air bubble
You get popped like its nothing
In my sleep, solving up puzzles
Woke up to the hustle, its double
Tripping in 4D. (D)
Its a trouble
Brass knuckle, please dont lose your teeth
Got no bite but you still wear a muzzle
Threw him up a shovel. Hit him in the knees
Or plant a tree


Its all up to you, but you’re digging in the sea
Going in the tunnel

Verse 2

Its kinda hard to see
At the airport asking me
What you tryna smuggle?
I said green tea! (Green tea)
Keep me woke with a bit of coke, drinking
Not the nose kind. Sniffing up the roses
Now its getting slow. Now I hit thе dose
Of my green tea. Sir. (Sir)
I dont do drugs. Just a bit of snow
Fell from thе skies on my clothes
Ask me where we were
Now its all blur. Please dont touch my fur
Its gorrilla suit, jumping in the coup
It really goes skurt
Dont ask me about her. (Her?)
No comment, shuffle!
I just wanna cuddle, after I empty of course
I look and reflect. Shit. (Shit)


Start a new project
Random words. I stack them by force
Rhymes on point, the words in morse, code
Changing the subject
Overdrive mode

Verse 3

Riding a horse with a sword, on a silk road
I imagine. Deep from the source. (Yeah)
About to explode. (Yeah)
Too much payload. (Aye)
Ship with no captain. (Captain)
Reeking of jasmine. (Jasmine)
Let me unload. (Load)
Panic episode. (Oh!)
I was just tryna ration
Ended up crashing on dragon with fashion
It is my passion. (Damn)


Now I am sitting relaxing. (Yep)
Now I am sitting relaxing
With assassins

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