TripGuerrilla – Time is the Enemy

Letra “TripGuerrilla – Time is the Enemy” Official Lyrics


Wait a minute. (Yup)
I am seeing dimensions above me. (What?)
Did I mention, I know the truth now
But its been a long pleasure. (Do you?)
Life’s been a long lesson

Verse 1

Thank god I remember. (Yah)
Life means shit thank god I remembered
You won’t know me. Fuck your fame and attention
I meant it. I just want the cheddar to feed my family
Yeah and keep it all together
Put it all on line, all the work, all this cash and these ties have been severed
Success is unmeasured. Make mе a pretty diamond with all this fucking heat and this pressurе


Do you remember?


Do you remember? (Do you remember?)
I was here all along. (I was here all along.)
From Jan to December
From Ja n to December. yeah
(Jan to December.)
Do you remember? (Jan to December)
Please remember! (Please remember)
When I am gone. (When I am gone)
Please remember
(When I am gone please remember.)


Because time is the only enemy
Time is the only enemy

Verse 2

Do you remember me (What?)
From the ancient times (Nope.)
Did I outlast my past lives?
Keep on recycling till you get it right
All I needed to know is why
Why? How many times do I have to die
And come back again to keep on trying?
Take me back to the nine. (Nine)
Blessings could turn to a curse in disguise


Are you still alive?
Trapped on earth
Kept you happy for awhile

Verse 3

But eventually these faded lies
Dissipate with your soul. Why?
Are we even fighting?
When the main enemy is time?
We got the same shit but you jealous of mine?
Stop asking why?
Just realized
Why. Do we keep on fucking fighting
When your enemy is time. Is the same enemy of mine


So remember. Please remember!
Please remember!
I was here all along
From Jan to December. (From Jan to December)
Please remember! (Please remember)
When I am gone. (When I am gone)
Please remember
I was here all along from Jan to December


Smile, I was here all along
But I will die
And I won’t even remember me
So I can’t blame ya

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