Twiztid – Clear

Clear Lyrics

Verse 1: Monoxide
I don’t fuck with people I know that I can’t trust
Last time that I did it it sucked like a bang bus
Thought that we were family like brothers and play ‘cause
Really it was nothing but haters who ain’t nothin more than the fake love
They spread like rumors and Vegas
I feel like we live in a world that’s so consumed by the fakest
I leave em hangin like a curl when I’m in the face of the fakeness
You ain’t the king of the underground ‘cause you live in a basement
Face it
You took my style copied and paste it
I realized backspaced and erased it
I feel eyes replicate the hatred
From their minds straight to all their faces
I covered all of my bases so they don’t bite my shit
Cuz they can’t entertain us if they ain’t got Twiztid
Tell me how could you blame us if you’re the one who missed it
When we told you a hundred times but you wouldn’t listen
Plain and simple like the pimples on ya bitches booty
I ain’t gotta ask she just give it to me
Sometimes I feel like I’m livin in a movie
I know we should give a fuck, but do we?

Verse 2: Jamie Madrox
Reach for the stars like Lucas on stilts
You can tell me how a legacy’s built
I’m the industry’s scary Terry
Get your dreams killed
Cause we’re living in a very, very hateful world of guilt
Muther fucker, I’m a prodigy with a lot on my mind
Multiple personalities make it hard for me decide
If success is the same old latter
I wanna climb but I stay dropping shit
‘Till it plug up in the pipeline
Now we don’t except “L’s”
Two heads are better than none
Kenan and Kel
No were not bragging
New attitude like P Label
Enter the dragon
Run off the ledge or sink or sail
Tell ‘em to bring wooden planks, hammers and nails
Intending to crucify something that no longer sells
Calling us devils when they the ones that’s close to hell
Excessive brutality and the need to over kill
And wonder why nobody give a fuck is how they feel
Game split
Used to be about who you were or run with
Now they out for self
And finna sell you out to get
Head over heels in a game that’s faker
Than a bitch with prosthetic credit
So many claiming God’s gift
But more like a stable hand
Rather than a wordsmith
Cletus Cassidy in the brain
Eddie Brock when I spit
Life of a lunatic
That could really give a shit
And wanna smack you like a bitch
Live in fear
Cause the fear living everywhere
Static blur channel change
Message interfere
In my mind
Hit delete and
I’m on a mission to get it
I’m on a mission to get it
Out of my head
I’m on a mission to get it
I’m on a mission to get it
I’m on a mission to get it
I’m on a mission to get it
Out of my head
I’m on a mission to get it
I’m on a mission to get it


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