UMI – Where I Wander

Where I Wander – UMI Lyrics Letra:
Verse 1
No smoking in the house
Saw you running out, slammed my hand
My patience running thin, gotta go within my shell

No more time to loosen up yourself
No need to keep fighting what you’re dealt
You must take precaution in this hell
You were given options where to sail so

Open waters, open waters
Where I wander (Where I wander)
Clear the chakras, send me higher
Feels amazing (Feels amazing)
You should treat your daughter like she matter
With some kind of loving (With some kind of loving)
I’m prim and proper, show stopper
Feed your fascination now (Feed your fascination now)

Verse 2
I know you take time with your feelings
I wanna help out with the healing, boy (Boy)
It wouldn’t be right to be leavin’
I never pick sides but I’m cheerin’ for you, boy (Boy)

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