Put a buck shot in his chest and make’em bleed
Pussy wanna run up you gon meet the fuckin reaper
Yea you can say i’m so out of control
And i’m thinking of leaving them leaking
Cruising the highway to hell, what the fuck was I thinking?

Stay in the dark and just light up a candle
We about to perform all the rituals bitch
Grabbing the blindfold and tying you up
Got that sharp pocket knife for your throat to be slit
Me and my brotha we come from the crypt
Fucking with us and you Probabbly won’t live
Straight out the coven, and fucked succubus
Here’s a plot I don’t twist i’ll apply your death wish


Stackin these corpses
Many of you I can torment
Banish you into the abyss
Everyone will be tortured
Don’t ever forget my name
And we’re handin out the flames
Walkin these halls, seein another body that can fall
Viewin a river of doubt
You just gotta Let it out

Murder a man down
With all of the shit that is goin down
UAV is here bouta take it now
In the final moments we gon make it loud
If you doubt, you know what you talkin bout
But if you still wanna test your luck
Fuck your feelins, we don’t give a fuck
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