Underhell – Useless__ft. chronic shnxman

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Useless__ft. chronic shnxman Lyrics

Creepin’ up from outta my grave
To throw up on this track
I’m with chronic shnxman
We here to lay you on your back
So who the fuck of you dare to step up to the two who show the truth through these words that we use
Cuz neither one of us got shit to lose
I’m buggin’
And by buggin’ i mean i’m strugglin’
I’m stumblin’
I’m crumblin’
To me this shit nothin’
You pussies think i’m bluffin’?
Best to get to runnin’
Mothafuckin’ destruction
Because you fukin’ with the two who sick of frontin’

(chronic shnxman)
I just threw up half a bean
Some dhc and phenes
Sucked em right up out the carpet
Even tho the gang got plenty
I’m mixing drinks up with my anger
My head thumping like a banger
All these bitches looking at me
Claustrophobic from the haters
Oh this scene it can be cut throat
Leave you bleeding down the plug hole
Tryna scream for help but gurgles and a wheeze of breath are all you muster
I got sauce you just got mustard
I’m a boss that make you flustered
Brain dead eye inside ya custard
Eat the gram before yah busted
Gurning so hard i’m fiending a blaze
Hurting my heart with some bitch in my brain
Assertive and certain, but my feet is hurting from running away
Been running for days
Been slamming the squad to structure the waves
I’m tryna stay clean and steady my sway
But I know i’m lying i’m fucked off my face
While yelling my lyrics i’m wasted onstage

I have returned
You thought i left, i can’t die
This shit by now you should have learned
I’m hearnin’ all this noise
Stop bitchin’ and cryin’
I bring this terror
With no error
Best beware of
He who despises the human race
I feed on brains
I’m in a daze
I’m feeling spaced
Memory erased
Return to my grave
I can’t escape
Trapped in an endless haze
Back from where i came till the end of days

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