Underhell – Worthless

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Worthless__ Lyrics

I’m fuckin’ worthless
Ain’t got no purpose
I put this work in
Receive nothing back
“underhell__ you’re fucking trash!”
You’re right i’m garbage
But shut the fuck up, let me rap
Give me some fuckin’ space and take a step back
I spit this truth straight from under my own roof
Don’t got no need for a booth
And i don’t need no fuckin’ stu’
No .feat, just let me ride this beat
Alone, i let these words flow
Window closed
Curtains drawn
Lock the door
Then write this till i can’t no more
It’s what i use to pour out all these emotions
I sink down to the fuckin’ floor
I am a ghost

I fuckin’ hate the way you all debate
On meaningless shit
Just wake the fuck up bitch
We ain’t here forever
So grow the fuck up and sever off all the bullshit
Listen to these words i spit from the bottomless pit
Because i’m boutta pack my bags and quit
Incisions on both of my wrists
Blunt razor
Cut through skin, make a slit
I look around, see duplicates
You cookie cutter bitch
All the same
Right click copy paste
To me it’s so fuckin’ lame
I need to re-arrange
Make some change
To the way in which society remains
You all the pawns to this game
Jump through the portal to escape
Travelling through wireframe

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