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Unlike Pluto – Misdiagnosed

Unlike Pluto – Misdiagnosed

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Misdiagnosed – Unlike Pluto
Lyrics, Letra:
What you talking ’bout lady
Saying that you’re gonna fail me
Is it only ’cause you hate me, oh
So I broke the rules
And I’m overly abused
In hell in a classroom

Maybe I am dumb
Maybe I am numb
Maybe I’m just misunderstood
Misdiagnosed, I’m a ghost, move on

Losing confidence lately
Think my parents really hate me
Why you gotta put a rank on me
And when I lash out
Because you always put me down
The blame always sits with me

Maybe I am dumb
Maybe I am numb
Maybe I’m just misunderstood
Misdiagnosed, I’m a ghost, move on

But time would tell
No it ain’t over, not even close, ’cause it’s my life
And I don’t wanna stay carrying your weight
Your hate isn’t going to define me

Maybe I am dumb
Maybe I am numb
Maybe I’m just misunderstood
Misdiagnosed, I’m a ghost, move on

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