Vojokyo – ​daffodils

Letra “Vojokyo – ​daffodils” Official Lyrics




Your eyes are white daffodils that flurry in the wind
As I stare into your pupils, I can see your petals flailing
Out like butterflies, and I’m not used to it
I’m failing to identify what reasons you exist because
Perfection is unnatural, collaterally unfathomable
It’s always me that tends to be irrational, we’re compatible
You blossom into my living room through cracks around my ceiling’s roof
You remind me of the scared status of Wall-E’s leather plant boot
The human race would find you in a thousand years in time
And cradle you, and name you after something likе a famous wine
Cause you’re sublimе, the way you germinate in my life
I hope we make a connection between us before we lose our time
But anyway we’re here now, it’s only you and me
You could be the daffodil, and I could be the bumble bee
You could be the reason that I always fly through cold night winds
I could be the reason that you always shine like platinum
We could be the reason that our worlds keep going on their spin
I guess I’ve fallen for you, I hope I don’t lose again

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