Wale – 50 In Da Safe (ft. Pink Sweat$)

50 In Da Safe – Wale (ft. Pink Sweat$) Lyrics, Letra:
Gettin faded to fell alive
Niggas hate never to my face

I been famous a minute now
Tryna maintain imma need my drains
Functioning alcoholic
Puffin n passin heavy
Nothin is passive
Wit me
Fuck all my adversaries

Numb it to
Go in public
Fuck who ain’t fuckin wit me

My neck is full of water
My cup is full of henny

My cup runneth over
Wit homies that neh love
And shortys that wan fuck me
Say fuck me
But can’t forget me

I trust in my god
So the broads finna wait

Cuz I’m always
But keep 50 in the safe

(Just in case)


Too dumb be loved
To blind to see love

Too shy to shoot shit
So two shot tequila

Been mocked by media
Pop oxy feel none

My baggage
To tragic
My pack sativa

This ride is almost over
I’m tired i ain’t sober
Confidence fluctuatin’
That’s why I be
anti social
When I was young n comin up
I really showed love

Now know
myself enough
To know I know no one

Roll somethin
I root for those
That don’t support me
Dint got homies
The IRS kinda close too me tho
I know it’s crazy
I’m tired of makin music
But how anxiety set up
My Therapist gettin show money

But got fifty in the safe

Fuck it just pass the hennny

My cu
My thumb down in Hunnids
Like I’m booing y’all just boo love
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