Wale – Cliché (Lyrics) ft. Ari Lennox & Boogie

Cliché (Lyrics) – Wale ft. Ari Lennox & Boogie Lyrics, Letra:
What if
Love is nothing more that a fairy tale
I care in an all
But I’m fearin’ this here a carousel

here gon’ an
U hear my songs playin’
We get on and off
Like we horizontally horse playin’

U need somebody wit some patience
I need somebody that hate the party
U need somebody
That’s less busy
I need a woman that’s prayin’ for
And hesitate to call me

Hot cold
The doctor callin’ it bi polar
That’s undersold
She rock wit me she got five boyfriends

I can’t explain
How my brain think
Wit multiple colors
All of em dull
When anxiety rival my depression

Mama told me life not fair
All these girls ain’t right here
When it’s dark I need some time alone
So she won’t see me cry
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