Wale – Expectations (ft. 6LACK)

Expectations – Wale (ft. 6LACK) Lyrics, Letra:
The winter is here
Depression is tripling —
Nobody give a shit Im getting bread
Industry really be killing my niggas
Guess entertainment business YIN AND THE YANG —–WAIT
I’m not the same
I Cant find no peace
I Sacrifice my world
To a world that ignored me
Black man in therapy
Cuz white terror don’t sleep
I got to roll up my LEAF —
Might stop the ptsd
Carry the weight
Bitches break up with you if you don’t break
Niggas is lame
Nigga my drive ain’t the same
Of course you irate it’s a wraith —–

On god I got some reason to wear my head down
Pray all my odds be even cuz it get hard
And I follow what I feel but that’s the issue
My thoughts can be deceiving if they get a room
(Hotel .. of the mental)

Ive been sorting through a lot of shit that’s in my head now
A lot of shit that had me scared now
and don’t you leave me here for dead now
Ive been sorting through a lot of shit that’s in my head now
A lot of shit that had me scared now
and don’t you leave me here for dead now

And on god she got some reason to wear her head down
Pray all her odds be even cuz it get hard
And she follow what she feel and that’s the issue
Her thoughts can be deceiving, our thoughts can be deceiving

Summer approach She look in the mirror
She wish it was winter her tummy is poking
Looking at Instagram making you sick GUESS
The figure your fishing for ain’t in the ocean LOVE
Your potential is more than good
Expectations is bogus though
Talk about what the eye don’t see
This is body DYSMORPHIA—
Most of the PSUEDO celebrities ain’t REALLY beautiful as you could ever be
Talking THE tanning and bleaching and all the procedures
That make you go think that you not a queen
I ain’t judging just being real
If the silicone help your anxiety
If I like you enough imma fit the bill
But you do it for you shawty not for me
That’s the cycle that she repeat
All the models she following living sweet
But the body she like doesn’t come for cheap
She would live under knife for the INFAMY —-
But who am I to judge
I got my own problems so I am no the one
When things get dark I be in my own mind
So even in a crowd ill be more so alone

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