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Wale – Set You Free (Lyrics) ft. Kelly Price

Set You Free (Lyrics) – Wale ft. Kelly Price Lyrics, Letra:
My high lows
My dark lights

Couple of hoes
No love life

I’m ashamed of the person
That I’m becoming
Mind racing
Too tired to chase a women

How could ever love me
My attention is never urs
Its never on me

I respect you of course
I hate to see u cry
But I’m the reason why
I’m Jekyll n Hyde

Can’t even lie

Everybody want that crazy love
Until they find crazy one

Yesterday I’m in ya face a lot
Then boom I’m ain’t sayin none

I’m drinking more
To think less
It’s true
Liquor becomes a crutch
Can’t stand next to u

But no
Self loathing
Is my addiction
Other things I don’t mention
Cuz u be itching to judge

Is overrated
an underrated because

It seem like it’s a placebo
When it’ b done
I see myself on the TV
I’m unimpressed
You think u love me
But I don’t love me
Hold up

It seem like a placebo when it be done
I see myself on the tv Im unimpressed
You think you love me but I don’t love me enough
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