Warlord Colossus – Remedy This Failure

Remedy This Failure – Warlord Colossus Lyrics Letra:

im at the end of my rope
my bitch she tatted its wrapped up her throat
open her mouth and i spit in that hoe
break away all of my soul

think ill stick around now hanging with the hell hound
hater took his body now he sleepin with the fishes
posin with the homies but they hatin you could see it in the pictures
now he up missin

i am
the grunt the ruh
that come to
bring the drum
to pierce the lung the eyes the ears the punk

hear the fuckin thunda from gorillas with the drum say ay
im so fuckin anxious really fuckin hate it when i lay
i cannot sleep im not sane
feels like im cursed with the plague

losin all my vision like an animal
manifestin visions thats intangible

cruise with the reaper and pull out the molotov
light it and set it off
feels like im fallin now
swervin and coughin up
vision is bluring ugh

ay okay what
im insane bruh
fake fuck
you cant fuckin hang bruh
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