Whoppa Wit Da Choppa – Dead Hoes

Dead Hoes Lyrics
Whoppa Wit Da Choppa – Dead Hoes Lyrics

Intro: Whoppa Wit Da Choppa, Mr Weaver
Ayy, ayy

Verse 1: Whoppa Wit Da Choppa
First off fuck my old bitches
Deletin’ the pictures and block you on Insta
Tell you the truth, don’t know why I hit ya
Man, it had to be them jeans, Lord knows I was tripping
One thing I hate is a liar
Bitch, try to play me, now we smoking on Miah
Said you was gon’ ride, guess you need a new tire
Bitch, the pack with Keshana, that shit too fire
I be smoking all my exes
Ain’t from Houston, can’t get no texas
Told Deadea hit the road, girl I ain’t gon’ sweat ya
My opp bitch play so you know I left her
Fuck shh, she tried to put a baby on
I don’t know how you mad at me, we used to fuck at home
Nek got my name on her, she barely even know me
Told Mimi she a secret, better stop all that posting
Yaya thinks I’ll love
Soon as I get home, I’m a-put her in the wood
Hurt my feelings, man I wish a bitch would
Say you leaving me, bitch I’ma say “good”
My hoe LaKate blow me up
Only time I answer when a nigga wanna fuck
But fuck Teka she tried to play me like a duck
Tried to tell my sidewhore she knows what’s up
Who I smoke, all of my exes
On a real, bitch I wish I never met you
Fuck my mans, bitch I send em at you
That’s why I ran off with yo taxes
Bitches ain’t shit and I ain’t either
I always cheat first just in case you cheating
I play to protect, bitch I’ma get even
Fuck Taja fuck Tia fuck Brittany
Don’t miss these hoes but they miss me
Know I’m too slick, think a nigga pimping
Killed that pussy and her friend was a witness
Now her friend wanna let me hit it
Know I ain’t shit, Big Whop did it
Court now in my DMs tryna get it
Meka too wild, let me nut on her titties
Simone says real so she got it tatted
Fuck the stripper bitch that’s a two ratchet
Know I had to hit it when I saw that ass clapping
I done ran through so much of mascaras
I know Kila still mad at me
Though she was gonna be the one, shit tragic
Never met Bri mama, she still call me daddy
We smoking on opps but these bitches still gas
Shh, shh, shh shh shh
Big Whop in this
Fuck you bitches
Ayy, ayy, you ain’t gotta smoke the opps, sometimes you can smoke the thots, know what I’m saying
All these bitches real people that I listed man you gon’ search this shit up
Rolling up the hoes right now, Q3 you rolling one up,
? you roll one up, Spinz you roll one up
Yeah man, we smoking these hoes man, Bink gang man, niggas know what the fuck going on man

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