Wifisfuneral – LilSkiesFuneral Feat. Lil Skies

Lyrics, Letras da Musica
Hey Cris, fuck you
Lemme know when it drop, Nuez
Ayy, bitch I’m ripped, off the rip, mm…
Diamonds lookin’ like a fuckin’ glacier
Bitch, I’m ripped, off the rip, ayy…
I got blonde hair, I’m a Super Saiyan now
Ayy, ayy, ayy, yeah, ayy

Okay last year, I was broke as fuck and didn’t have a cent
Past tense, who my competition? I ain’t havin’ it
Plot thickens, you could cut the tension with a knife then
Jewels lookin’ like it’s hidden Ruby suicide, death
Suicide doors on the lamb, damn
I was on my Q’s and P’s, see, ain’t no lacking shit
Cutting loose ends on my back and shit
Gotta cut the fat and get swole in this bitch
Yuh, bitch I’m ripped, off the rip, blow down the zip
Watch my kicks, watch how I kick
Okay, dope move in motion, hold my pistol with no holster (aye)
If I’m lyin’ then I’m dyin’, two lines poured inside my soda (aye!)
Wifi back up on the block, aye, dope all in my sock (leggo)
I got it out the mud, well I drink mud up on the rocks
(Aye, aye)

Last year I was broke (I was broke), this year a nigga rich (nigga rich)
I’ma ride or die for my clique (my gang), you get one shot, so don’t miss (uh-huh)
I get jammed up, I won’t snitch (hell nah), you a fan, scream like a bitch (a bitch)
Quicksand, sink in a ditch (in a ditch), been a man since I was a kid (that nigga)
Pink molly got her on a trip (on a trip), drink lean, purple when I shit (when I shit)
Gettin’ money, fuck a sneak diss (sneak diss) niggas pussy, I can smell the fish (bitch stank!)
Move Ps, like I’m gainin’ weight (weight), big beats like an 808 (808)
And I ball like I’m Hardaway (Hardaway), bitch try to take my heart away
Aye, I just ran up in your trap (yo trap), take work I ain’t givin’ it back (hell nah)
Hit a block and you know I’ma tax (I’m taxin’), niggas hate, you know that’s a fact (I’m factin’)
I run it up, fell in love with the sack, she fell in love when I hit from the back
Aye, I’ma touch her kitty cat, rough, dog in it, call me Max (aye)
Nigga, yeah, I been a threat, I don’t give a fuck what you wanna do (whatchu wanna do?)
We can pull up broad day, get you out the way, not leave a clue (hell nah)
I’m my own man, fuck a rule (hell yeah), give her good pipe like a tool (a tool)
Diamonds hit, lookin’ at my jewels (my jewels), back then, trappin’ at my school (aye)

But that was okay to us, she was off angel dust
And she didn’t know who to trust girl
Stuck in a fantasy, you are so dangerous
There is no taming us, we are too dangerous, girl (aye)
But that was okay to us, she was off angel dust
And she didn’t know who to trust, girl
Stuck in a fantasy, you are so dangerous
There is no taming us, we are too dangerous, girl

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