Wilderun – Passenger

Passenger Lyrics
Wilderun – Passenger Lyrics

He is a river with endless flow
His source seems eternal under the water
He found a loophole in creation’s glow
So steady and measured his pace

Oh what grace
All in place
All in place

She is a mountain within a storm
How beautifully weathered with no effort
She’s probably had that since she was born
How much we have reaped from a mind forlorn

While harvesting chaos, the door is ajar
It starts seeping (Such spontaneity!)
The beings enter from near and afar
And they aren’t leaving (Blessed for eternity!)
Keep feeding the gaping disease
Where meaning persists (Isn’t it wonderful!)
You know this journey is all that you need
We must insist (Aren’t you so colorful!)

Pain’s just a passenger
In spite of the author We’ll never lead you to that lake
To drown suffering and hate
You need this like fire needs the air
Tabula rasa, a road you should not dare
Die in creation’s lair

They are the martyrs, we’ll praise them so
And borrow their feelings for just a while
But once they sink in, we’ll let them go
Oh surely they’ve learned to cope

Forever the deal, it’s forever the plan
To break every rock and inhale the sand
Never enjoy the surface, always digging beneath
You know what you are, when you see…

All the hells and all the bliss revealed
As a single god
It won’t help, yet to it you must kneel
It began its life as a partner
When it fed you tales of woe and wonder
It’s depleted all its stores
Yet somehow it still remains

It still feigns its uses
Practical abuses
How mundane this healing
What are you achieving? It was a creature that clawed at your back
Keeping your vision just slightly off-track
“Oh don’t you worry, you’ll thank me for this
Praise will rise from the ruins and mist”
You still need me

It gave you everything when this began
Stories and questions and worlds to expand
But it is the origin, is it the start?
Or just a parasite sewn to your heart?

Drown in the wellspring
Abandon meaning

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