Wiley – 5 Grand An Hour

Letra “Wiley – 5 Grand An Hour” Official Lyrics


I’m a grime kid, doing it local
In and out of the booth, I’m recording my vocals
Talk about grime, I’ve been taking it kung fu
I’m a clown man son just like T Total
I’m logic and I work on pro tools
Send a text to the jail with postal
I want money that can fill up a whole pool
When I get money, I ain’t following no rules
Swiftly, step into the booth and I spit a little flow to my E3 crew
Nike air, they’re my E3 shoes
Got the E3 lemons, got the E3 blue
Don’t lie cah you see me where the function
Got my sideburns, looking like Ugg’s boots
Little prick, he ain’t part of a tough crew
I’m on the ends blud, I ain’t gotta duck you
I’m Wiley, everybody knows that
A bit of jеalousy, everybody shows that
Can’t hold it, ‘cause thеy know I know what I’m doing when I do it
I ain’t heading for no crap
Now I’m hard-faced, like RA
No friends, no love, no heartache
Respect everybody living by religion
But not anybody tryna violate our place
It’s like people are happy I’m a scarface now
Money so high I got a star face now
Can’t see how I got here
Wanna know how?
I don’t wanna tell ‘em but they wanna know now
Wow, I got the power
Saw me do the show sign first, I’m shower
Check me out, I’m five grand an hour
Talk if you wanna, walk if you wanna
There’s one woman who brought me on the earth
And her second name’s
, first name Donna
Anybody else, I don’t need to honour
I try tell ‘em, but they don’t wanna listen
They must be on a dead end mission
Stripes get taken away
Then you’re looking for a stripe, but they’ve all gone missing
They’ve all gone missing
Look at the fisherman, they’ve all gone fishing
30 years past, I’m alive and kicking

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