Willzyx – Error in Facade

Letra “Willzyx – Error in Facade” Official Lyrics

The tide begins to turn
Your creaking vision turns to fog
Suspicions shown nefarious but true
You attempt to ground yourself but the ground begins to melt and you’re left to assume
You bludgeon it
Bury it
Pray that this subsides
A streamlined vision floods your eyes
An illustrious light
A wicked product of the mind
A veneer
A facade
Theories seem to nullify realities we cherish
A means to employ terror
The dark endeavor
Error in facade
Vivid concentration means everything to your hell
Lifе becomes the еrror
Fixed contempt of the public
Hidden in the guise of common sight
Full disclosure of torment
Everything you love is qualified
Everything you own is quantified
Disconnect of the way out
Living now becomes a means to die

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