Willzyx – ​flexible lies

Letra “Willzyx – ​flexible lies” Official Lyrics

“I wouldn’t worry ‘bout your footsteps now
They were always behind you, lurking in every crack through flexible lies”
Necessary to air it out
To spray the seed of discontent
It was a series of flexible lies
Selling backdoor cuisine to just about anyone left with an ear to hear (and a mouth to feed)
It was lot of curse to shade
It was a lot of crooked shame
Now the weathered kinship steps off to the side
Throw out your dying, as they’re saved
And now the psychic limb’s depraved
“I can see it, I can see off to thе side where еverything’s worth it and all you acquaintances end up just fine”
Necessary to air it out
The subject stands there blissful, laughing as you plea
The artillery march in at his decree
And it makes me fucking sick to see you all fucking die, but I’m sure you’ll move on just fine
Messenger demerit
Air it out
You spread the sin of discontent
“Some of us were wrong, some of us were saved”
That’s your precious way out

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