Willzyx – ​priceless soul, a dangerous subject

Letra “Willzyx – ​priceless soul, a dangerous subject” Official Lyrics

It’s become a burden just to slip away quietly
Fall into the foyer – a primitive time of fistful feeding
Cries to see without your eye
It’s the wrong beat
You’re stapled to the furniture
Ostracized by simple mind
Temptation flies in iridescent lines
A wrong beat
Stapled to the furniture
“I could try the simple find, I could shoot the space between my eyes”
You collapse
Fall across the floor
The faceless due change
You arе bleeding all across the love of life
You arе all out for the time, but they changed your mind
Now you aim to live and conform
To the ever changing light of love
The way I feel
Malice infiltrates the other
Quest to convey the deed
Priceless soul, a dangerous subject any one soul wants to be here
Anyone wants to be here
You are wearing out
Wearing you out
Caught in trivial thought
You walked out the the bay
Ask the soldier to wait up

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