Wingman – Distracted

Distracted – Wingman Lyrics Letra:
I’ve been distracted by the planets as they go around
And I’ve been haunted by the dreams I keep throwing out
It’s like I’m running but I get nowhere
It’s like I’m running but I get nowhere

Moving through the stage or jump into the crowd to feel connected
I pull a thousand from the safe and tell the doorman ‘hold a second’
Toss in the stairway
Spill my coffee in their face
I get off [of work] on a Monday
I’ve been working hard since six to get this plane back on the runway
But then I got lost, yeah
In my demons and needed some guidance I’m walking alone
It all in my soul, woah
But the opposite way that I planned it, I’m farther from home
Gotta get back
The chance to redo it, who wouldn’t want that?
I’ve been distracted
Man I’ve been in practice
I build the music
Removing the madness
I see the planets, they in motion though
This will feel like an overdose
The movement of time is emotional
The music is changing I’m growing old
Trying to get back to the magic believing that big things could actually happen
And not just to run it but rapping, yeah
And not just so trapped and distracted, yeah

What happened to the posters of my name upon the boulevard?
All the hopes and the dreams i replaced with weed and broken hearts
Hard to believe when you’re falling off
Planets are spinning around the stars
I’ve just been spinning around the art
Trying to get back the years I feel like I lost
What happened the first time you followed a love?
Crazy attempts that you/re still learning from
Quick to forget how it feels to be wild
And the distance just seemed like it’s miles after miles
You’re burning
Todo list will keep me distracted
The voicemail that you ain’t returning
Still gotta ask it
Yeah, are you content with the living you’re earning?
I kept it inside, dropped out of school, invested my studio time in a mortgage
The verses are rent and the banks sending bills that are turning to debts and effecting the chorus
And lower the odds that Wingman could ever make great enough art to get recognized for it
If he stares at a blank page long enough would the words are finally form?

See I’ve been distracted
I’ve been off axis
Sit and wonder why I’m still affected by the mountains out in the distance
And all the bills that are under the mattress
Handle the job to keep it in a locked position
While my dreams die in their competition
And the hours passing, they just seem to keep me
In the only place where the passion isn’t
I don’t have to listen to the masses b****ing about a wasted youth or a list a fears
Already so distracted by a mid-life crisis, might as well get wild while I lose the years
I do my own thing through the years
I mean I do the most and see the future clear
I mean do the dash when the mix is here
Running but I get nowhere

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