Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y (Tradução) – Plot Twist

Plot Twist – Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y
Lyrics, Letra:

(Verse: Wiz Khalifa}:
Gotta have a plot to get it
This life, it costs a lot to live it
So you gotta watch the competition
Stay on point, make executive decisions
Never switch when the rest of ‘em different
That money put us in the best of positions
Always maintain leverage, keep ice in the beverage
Go car shopping ‘stead of clothes
You like it you get it
My closest filled with all types of shit
It’s bad you’d probably work your whole life for this and I’ll get it in one night
Win some lose some, my car ill as they come
And I’m ‘bout to build another one soon as I’m done
I’m putting it right on the street
You know what’s going down when Taylor Life (East side)
Jet Gang hook up with Monsta Beatz


(Verse 2: Curren$y}:
Audio dope supply the needs
Fiends itching, sniffing for new audio feeds
This how it outta be
More often, too stoned hired up bosses with good intentions to see each other winning
Taking no shorts or losses but I know that we a rarity
Something they’ll never see
‘Til our sons click up and commence to hustling heavily
Sacrifices made, now we sitting in them better seats
And I ain’t even watching the game
I just came to floss this outfit, now I’m on national TV
Sitting court side playing my Nintendo Switch
With a Nike headband fresh from 1996
Kicks sick, collection quarantined
Bed stock, 23’s on some bathing apes I’m sure you haven’t seen
Every verse is like a key
Could turn you to a boss if you don’t know D (OG)
Drunk on power, gold bathroom fixtures and marble showers
2009 ‘til the end of time, its all ours

(Outro: Curren$y}:
Keep it in
Chevy gon’ switch a nigga, we smoking weed in it
Laughing and our pistols and I wasn’t talking bout it
But nigga didn’t listen, uh
If you need to see it then you come get it
Or you can ask one of your bitches
Is she bad? She probably kick it
Taylor Gang and Jet Living

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