Wiz Khalifa – Slim Peter

Slim Peter – Wiz Khalifa Lyrics Letra:
Uh, leave it to me, if you want some bomb-ass weed, leave it to me
If you want a fire-ass verse, leave it to me
If you want a bad bitch taken, leave her with me
Uh, freeze up the sleeve, you would think it’s Taco Tuesday, we get the cheese
I ain’t too into her needs, but if she want it, I’ma get it for her
So much bottles, they askin’ what I spend it for
Well, um (well, um), if you wanna have a good time, leave it to me
If you wanna ride down Sunset, leave it to me
Tip the three-wheeler and we smokin’ on good tree

We goin’ the fuck off right now, ha
(Statik Selektah)

Grew up like Boyz N the Hood, shit wasn’t all good
And now my mom got a crib, the backyard is all woods (hahaha)
Shoutout to Chevy and my brothers too
Uh, try to copy my style, but wasn’t ready
I’m at the crib rackin’ up plaques and buildin’ Chevies
A lot of food stacked on my plate, I’m gettin’ heavy
I came and took my spot in the game, no one let me
Now outer space is my destination
Stuck around niggas who showed love instead of hatin’
And gettin’ money’s my occupation, haha
Forget the time you wasted
If you can’t roll up a paper, leave it to me
Turn up the bass and wake up the neighbors, leave it to me
Makin’ sure everyone’s safe, leave it to me
6AM, gin shot straight, leave it to me
This exactly where I’m supposed to be
Hella weed, nothin’ but real ones close to me
Get in the gym and never fold
Real peaceful nigga, but hands they don’t wanna throw with me
Lotta legends been on the road with me
Really good aim, I don’t use no scope
One shot and that’s all she wrote (and that’s all she wrote)
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