Wyler Adair – Libra

Libra – Wyler Adair Lyrics Letra:
I know I’ve been absent
But the game is off balance
I’m feeling like Thanos

Verse 1
Pump, Xan, Purpp, Mosey
Yachty, Keed, Blueface, Tracy
All the shit you made yeah it’s all fucking lazy
You don’t have a clue about what you’re doing maybe
You need to go back to highschool crazy
I do this shit on the daily
You can’t run it round here
The war has begun
And you’re getting outdone
Lets start it right here
Gonna make you all disappear

Verse 2
Racks on racks on racks on racks on racks on racks on racks, bitch
Ay, spent 5 racks on tax
Ay, and I didn’t get it back
Ay, all that was a joke like your tracks
Ay, I’m just spitting the facts
Ay, your tracks don’t slap
Ay, they just make me wanna nap
Ay, you deserve a slap
Yeah, we get it
You got racks but it’s pathetic
You flexing, I don’t get it
Your brain needs a medic
You don’t deserve any credit
Now go jump on Reddit
I don’t like you, that’s obvious
You’re fucking obnoxious
You’re fucked in your subconscious

Verse 3
Xan, you haven’t left the pram
Still acting like a kid goddamn
Yeah, this is your exam
Shoulda never left
Cos now the monies falling down
Ay, your music still doing shit
Can barely even listen to it
Makes me wanna commit
After having a fucking fit
Hospitalised for hot cheetos
You’ve got no amigos
Your careers hit a new low
That’s all for now, adios

Verse 4
Purpp, shouldn’t even be in the game
Should be in prison
The music is still the same
Flex here, flex there
But ask yourself, does anyone care?
You careers been down to Pump
If it wasn’t for him you’d be in a slum
5k first week, that’s weak
Your career now looking bleak

Verse 5
Mosey, listen closely
You just got a trophy
Worst freestyle on XXL
Now your egos dead and frail
Hair looking like a mop
You deserve to get dropped
Music so shit it’s turning people to K-pop
You’re gonna end a flop
Never make it to the top
Cos you’re gonna get cropped

Verse 6
Lets have a party
End of your life
Got the coffin ready
I bought you a teddy
I know you’re young in your mind
I know your relevancy has declined
LB3 worst album for me
Please don’t release another, teehee
Your careers about to drop
Next record will be a flop
Cos no ones gonna cop

Verse 7
Come off the weed
And lets agree
You need to quit
Cos you ain’t fit
To spit
A verse
You might be cursed
I’ll call the hearse
Money grow old like grandparents
It’s transparent
Your raps are errant
Put down the pen
And let me say amen
Before we go again

Verse 8
You ain’t got no intellect
You should get your brain checked
Cos you’re about to get wrecked
So let me go and collect
All your shit and inspect
You don’t deserve no respect
To keep it Benjamin Frank
Your raps be smelling stank
Your face won’t be of rap
Your mouth be spewing crap
You deserve a slap
All round you’re a fucking rat

Verse 9
You’re lazy
You look a little hazy
Work on the wordplay a bit
Then the bars won’t be shit
It’s time to admit
You need to quit
Put down the pen
And don’t make me do this again

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