Xavier Weeks – VAGUE111

Letra “Xavier Weeks – VAGUE111” Official Lyrics

No hard feelings, But my feelings hard tho

Live for the day i said fuck tomorrow

Fuck a little cup imma drink a bottle

So i guess yolo is still the motto

They was going loco for them dollars

Even if they hate, They will still follow

She a fashion week came with the models

These bitches going crazy like i’m Jack Harlow

And you know what is was, And you know what it ain’t

Don’t try to hard she can’t be saved

And i made this game so i can’t be played

Life been good i made the rain

I was going ghost cause decided

And we was getting high as the pilots

I was trying to keep it low keep it quiet

“sometimes the best advice is silеnce”

Gotta keep it low-key

She said shе know me but she don’t even know me

No i can’t lie

They trying to put me in a bad life
Trying to put me in a bad life
She gonna put me in a bad life

Don’t worry just take time
Don’t worry just live life

Take your time

They say that they love you, They do not mean it
They say it’s forever, Then they be leaving
Asked what’s love tryin find out the meaning
Like what’s in your heart because these looks are deceiving

We all in place for all the wrong reasons
And i’m outta state in a whole other region
And we 111 yeah we is a legion
And this is your lil baby just speak it

Damn that was fun

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