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Never on that weak shit bitch i’m hitting hard like rhino(4x)

Verse 1
What is my story? i’m a survivor, my town is two face so i’m dived
Tried to squash me down like a venomous spider when i look at your face is a reminder, that everybody is the same, they wanna see you hurt no matter the pain, i tried to kill it put some poison in my veins got no results so i had to change my ways,i see them happy with the drugs that they take but know inside they are motherfucking broken, ayy
Imagine they pain i’m going thru, and the things never been spoken, ayy
Demons and angels fighting inside me i don’t trust my motherfucking emotions,ayy
At least i can bring the light cause still till this time my soul haven’t been motherfucking stolen,ayy
Knocking them down like is bowling,ayy
I’m dragonborn iv’e been chosen,ayy
Fuck what you’ve said what you’ve heard ok cause my mouth haven’t spoken,ayy
I am my own boss so i don’t need around bosses a’rent you hearing the voices? 1 path is holy other no choices i stick to the ice never frozen i do what i want i am an explosion
I don’t need hoe by my side to my life i’m proposing, ayy
Like a ghost you know i’m motherfucking rolling,ayy
Never listened to my ancestors voicemail audio

Like my dick and my flow i outgrow,yah x2

Verse 2
My spitting so hot i think i might have the fever,yah
Maybe i’m tripping,yah
But i know flow is like tiber,yah river
Dont give a fuck no more honey,yah
Stay finger licking that’s kentucky i cant hear none of your shit is the shit i’m flushing

Verse 3

Toilet buttercuts think i’m trolling while i’m making bands you are still
The heart that i put on this shit almost leaved me voiceless,yah
Talk less, bring the action give a dam about peaceful adviorments,yah
Sinner for killing the track you know, that i, go, violent!

Never on that weak shit
Never never on that weak shit no! (4x)

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