Y Chibi – Stressin’ Days

Y Chibi – Stressin’ Days Lyrics Letra:
Seven days no Heaven days
Is stressin’ days all in the week
Kept the way I stepped in things

To find a way up in these streets
Ain’t hesitate he clutched the K
He hit him then you seen him leave
Think they have a stay
They leave you straight
And then you start to leak
Percocets controlling me
I think it’s takin all of me
Devil in my ear
I can’t hear God ‘cuz I am fallin’ deep
Father said I’m ‘gon be great
I don’t know what he saw in me
Now I know that they all dead
‘Cuz they ain’t never called me
Father figure I ain’t have one
No one really taught me
Don’t know what I’m doin’ wrong
So I ain’t sayin’ sorry
You don’t understand this pain
And what it really brought me
You don’t understand this pain
And what it really cost me
When I lost my brodie
That’s when I feel like I lost me
RIP my nephew
I miss when he used to mock me
Last time that I saw you
Was the funeral of Auntie
I didn’t think that you were next
That shit it really got me
I didn’t know that you could tear love
‘Member on that corner
Just to flip a pack
I had to flip a couple dollars for a haircut
This shit ain’t fair enough
All this shit I did in the past
Hope it don’t take me up
Thought I had a plan
But the shit was not workin’
So I’m in them streets
And I’m thuggin’
And I’m lurkin’
See a nigga on that corner
And I see her smurkin’
Pull up to the spot
Now I gotta put some work in
On that corner we was broke
We fought for them quarters
I was down bad
I had court appointed lawyers
Wish I kept ballin’
To see a different court first
Brought my mama sorrow
And it brought my mama torture
It brought so much
I don’t think I have no love
I don’t think I have no trust

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