YAS The Underdog – GAME OVER ft. J.HIND

GAME OVER – YAS The Underdog ft. J.HIND Lyrics, Letra:
When we touchdown in your city Game Over.
Dus saal boyz? Nah nigga more like chowda.
Spittin legacies, every verse Testarossa.
Dance with the Devil, karle Aathmah ki sowdah.
I been Ready to Die, no Biggie all Hova
A King is not a King if he aint been a Souljah
Cigar lit, forever ashin on these bandars
They aint shit, I put em all cheh feet under
Remind em this aint a song, its a kabrastan.
Every word a burning goli, hollow tip with teflon.
Mahtma Gandhi smoking ganji in a Kali Maserati
Laal Ankhen, Killa sharabi on my street gulami.
All Action, mooh bund no talkin.
I come from a city where the Lions be C walkin.
Elephants sittin on 24’s with V12 logos…
Same block FBI chup kar keeche photos…
Same block par cocaine & kilos of the dodo.
ATF mere peeche like Im Rajneesh Osho.

ATF mere peeche like Im Rajneesh Osho.

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