YBN Nahmir – Balcony

Balcony Lyrics

Uh, ayy, ayy, gang, gang
Huh, ayy, ayy, gang, gang
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy (Gang, gang)

Light bros, time fast, switchin’ lanes quick
Live fast, die young, that’s basic
My opps, they mad, they hatin’
Up now, not next, stayed patient
Bag it up, I’m finna bag it up, she finna back it up
Thinkin’ ‘bout, “Do I want the Ferrari or the Bentley truck?”
Diddy bop, the pole hang out my jeans, I keep the Semi tucked
I’m laughin’ at you fuck niggas, ‘cause you think I’m lackin’, bro
Won’t catch me lackin’ up in traffic, can’t put me in caskets
You leave your bitch around the bros and they breakin’ her back in
Your brother funny, he be actin’, he really be cappin’
A skinny nigga, but I shoot, so you know how I’m steppin’
He tried to kick the door, that nigga got shot
And we ain’t tryna cuff nan’ ho, want no thot
Shе gon’ fuck for the fee, all these hoеs want this cock
My nigga still on his block, sellin’ weed to his opps
Ayy, and it’s still fuck the cops
Niggas took my lil’ bro, I think about that shit a lot
And it’s still free Corey, Chris and Grim and Lil Rock
Like a plug, I’m connected, I’m connected to the block
Fuck the Porsche, bitch, I hopped up off the balcony
Shot another opp, he seen that light like a Christmas tree
My name good in any hood, niggas know ‘bout me
Almost broke my wish with that Glock when it’s firin’
I tell that nigga get gunned or lay down
Like I’m Biggie, shoot you, I’ma slide with trey pounds
We gon’ throw surprise parties, then we fill ‘em up with rounds
Know that K to my soul, when I shoot, I’m a hound
Nigga, ayy, it’s free Lil, it’s still free Lil Rock
Ayy, I’m well, I’m well connected to the block
Ayy, I done hopped off the balcony
Ayy, he seen that light like a Christmas tree

YBN Nahmir

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