Yesterday As Today – Conviction

Letra “Yesterday As Today – Conviction” Official Lyrics

I’ve been surrounded
By so much hatred and deception
It’s a constant struggle for existence

I’m straying further and further away from where I need to be
God are You there? Can You hear me?

I am a slave
I am a slave to this addiction
(God set me free, set free)
I want to hear Your
I want to hear Your voice
Oh, God I plea
Take it away
All the corruption inside of me
Take me back to a place of reformation
Of restoration

I’m so tired of living in constant self-inflicting paranoia
Oh, God
Take it away

I’ve made my mistakеs
I’m broken
In everything I’m sеlfishly straying further away
God, lead me back home

I am ashamed of who I’ve become
In agony, I fall to my knees
Searching for just a glimpse of a Savior
I am searching for something
Oh, God I need You now

I am broken
I am battered
Constantly searching for someone to blame for all of my mistakes

I am the guilty one

Oh, God I invite You into my soul
Release me of my conviction

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