yesterday x barren – girls dont like me

girls dont like me – yesterday x barren Lyrics, Letra:
yeah girl, i get it
im all too concerned
with the lesson that i never really learned
you aint somethin that i ever saw as a cure
so get lost
or get with it
this loves been finished
my hearts on fire
cuz i dont know how to quit it

and if i ever had a second to take back
id save it for someone
who aint lookin for payback
i thought u loved me
but it isnt the same
so ill stay fucked up
tryna numb all my pain

just take me back
found my own little slice of home
itll never be the same
but i feel grown
aint nobody lovin u like i did
hearts offline
and my heads been split
hands on the wheel
runnin off of the road
you can have my life
if i got ur soul
same old shit
with a brand new bitch
fuck this life
im over it

if by now you didn’t know
i prefer to spend my days alone
held captive only by these four walls
haven’t answered a single call
all night
been dealing with a hell
of an internal gripe
triplet flows
keeping this brain alive
with how much im smoking
the future aint looking too bright
can barely remember
to write down a line
people keep asking
no i aint fine
dreading a pointless
unfulfilling life
somebody come and
take this mic
i could rant and rave
with all my might
dont wanna be too specific
na this shit aint even written
i can shit out a rhyme
that you call your best work
ya lady still love me
man i can be such a jerk
i take out my anger on
all in my path
ruining friendships
i never had
losing a loved one
that ill never grasp
dealing with the pain
that comes with it all
just me n the homies
fuck it we ball
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